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The Eriksen Flanker Test

The instrument is freely available here:
Eriksen Flanker Test

Supplemental for: Epidemiologic TBI
Basic for: Acute Hospitalized TBI, Moderate/Severe Rehabilitation TBI and Concussion/Mild TBI
Short Description of Instrument
The Eriksen Flanker Test is a computer-based test. Arrow stimuli appear on the screen and either appear alone or are flanked by arrows that either point in the same direction or the opposite direction to the target arrow. Response inhibition is compared between the two test conditions.
The variable of interest is the subject's reaction time.

There are no restrictions on use/interpretation of this test.

Eriksen, B., and Eriksen, C. (1974). Effects of noise letters upon identification of a target letter in a nonsearch task. Percept Psychophys 16, 143-149.
Levin, H., Hanten, G., Zhang, L., Swank, P., and Hunter, J. (2004). Selective impairment of inhibition after TBI in children. J Clin Exp Neuropsychol 26(5), 589-597.


Document last updated February 2018