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Stride Analysis and Gait Variability
Please visit these websites for more information about the instrument:
Footswitch Stride Analysis: Stride Analyzer Link
Energy-Cost Measurements: Servomex Gas Analyzer Link
Exploratory: Friedreich's Ataxia (FA)
Supplemental: Cerebral Palsy (CP), Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) and SCI-Pediatric (age 3 and over)
Short Description of Instrument
The most common techniques used to measure gait are footswitch stride analysis, dynamic EMG, energy-cost measurements, force plate, and instrumented motion analysis. The observational technique of gait analysis involves assessment of the motion pattern of each segment.
Footswitch Stride Analysis: Footswitch Stride Analysis is generally used to obtain temporal gait measurements. Two types of footswitch measurements exist: Compression closing switches and Force sensitive resistor switches.
Dynamic Electromyography: Dynamic EMG is used to localize the source of abnormal function so that selection of treatment is more precise.
Force Plates and Motion analysis: Force plates and motion analysis aid in determining the functional requirement and the muscular response necessary.
Energy Cost Measurements: Energy Cost Measurements and stride analysis are used to determine the effectiveness of a patient's gait.
Comments/Special Instructions
N/A - data are analyzed, not scored.
SCI-Pediatric specific: Best used for intra-subject analysis, as normative data for pediatrics is unavailable.
Walking is a complex function that requires in-depth analysis of various aspects to appropriately treat any abnormality.
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