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Caregiver Unintelligible Speech Rating Scale
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Supplemental: Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)
Short Description of Instrument
This measure consists of 8 questions that assess a child's speech intelligibility in
spontaneous speech through parent/caregiver rating.
The parent/ caregiver is asked eight questions. Questions 1 – 6 are scored from 5 – 1 (5=Always – 1=Never); Question 7 is scored from 4 -1 (4=All or almost all – 1=Less than half); Question 8 is scored from 5 to 1 (5=Greatly Improved – 1=Not
Campbell, T. (1998). Measurement of Functional Outcome in Preschool Children with Neurogenic Communication Disorder. Seminars in Speech and Language (19)3, 223- 233.
Coplan, J., and Gleason, J. (1988). Unclear speech: recognition and significance of unintelligible speech in preschool children. Pediatrics 82, 447-452.


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