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Conners Kiddie Continuous Performance Test 2 (K-CPT 2)
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Supplemental: Epilepsy
Exploratory: Cerebral Palsy (CP)
Short Description of Instrument
The Conners Kiddie Continuous Performance Test 2nd Edition™ (Conners K–CPT 2™) assesses attention deficits in children ages 4 to 7 years old (Conners, 2006). The Conners K-CPT2 is a computerized measure of attention and impulsivity commonly used in the assessment of attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). The Kiddie CPT uses pictures rather than letters, which are used in the Conners CPT. The 7.5 minute performance-based assessment uses pictures of objects (e.g., boat, soccer ball, train) that are familiar to young children. The child is asked to respond to targets (all objects except soccer ball) and refrain from responding to non-targets (soccer ball) that appear on the computer screen (Conners, 2006). When a test that uses a more traditional continuous performance paradigm to assess primarily vigilance (as opposed to inhibitory control) is required, the T.O.V.A. may also be considered (Test of Variables of Attention; Greenberg, et al., 1993). The test involves the subject pressing the space bar to one of two simple geometric forms on the screen; as such, it does not require familiarity with letters and may be more suitable for low functioning or pre-literate children.
Time Estimate: 7.5 minutes (K-CPT 2); 10.9 minutes (T.O.V.A.)
Scoring Estimate: Automatic computer scored
Primary Dependent Measures: It was the consensus of the CDE Neuropsychology Committee that there is presently insufficient empirical support to recommend one dependent measure as primary.
Vendor: Multi-Health Systems, Inc. (MHS), PO. Box 950, North Towanda, NY, 14120- 0950
Conners CK. Conners Kiddie Continuous Performance Test 2nd Edition™ (K-CPT 2) North Tonawanda, NY: Multi-Health Systems; 2006 [cited 2016 21 June]. Available from:
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