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Diagnostic Interview for Seizure Classification Outside of Video EEG Recording (DISCOVER)
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Short Description of Instrument
The Diagnostic Interview for Seizure Classification Outside of Video EEG Recording (DISCOVER) is a structured interview designed to allow remote reviewers to identify seizure types and confirm diagnosis in patients already diagnosed with epilepsy. Participants and observers are asked to complete the questionnaire describing symptoms and triggers which are then logged. There are 18 items for the participant and 9 items for the observer to complete.
The DISCOVER is a diagnostic tool designed to facilitate remote classification of seizure types and does not contain specific scoring. Information collected from the questionnaire is used to classify subject seizure types and provide a diagnosis, if applicable.
The DISCOVER may be useful in confirming epileptic seizures to determine admittance of participants into epilepsy clinical trials during enrollment, or confirm seizure types remotely in observational studies.
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