CDE Detailed Report

Disease: Traumatic Brain Injury
Subdomain Name: Physical/Neurological Examination
CRF: Screening Tool for Taste

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CDE ID CDE Name Variable Name Definition Short Description Question Text Permissible Values Description Data Type Disease Specific Instructions Disease Specific Reference Population Classification (e.g., Core) Version Number Version Date CRF Name (CRF Module / Guidance) Subdomain Name Domain Name Size Input Restrictions Min Value Max Value Measurement Type External Id Loinc External Id Snomed External Id caDSR External Id CDISC
C18651 Taste smell post-TBI change indicator TasteSmellPostTBIChangeInd Subject's response concerning change in taste or smell post-TBI Subject's response concerning change in taste or smell post-TB Since your brain injury, has your ability to taste, or smell changed? No;Yes No;Yes Alphanumeric Adult;Pediatric Supplemental 1.00 2014-01-06 00:00:00.0 Screening Tool for Taste/Smell Physical/Neurological Examination Assessments and Examinations

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