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Mig S-Cog
Please visit this website for more information about the instrument: Mig-SCog
Supplemental: Headache
Short Description of Instrument
The nine-item Mig-SCog covers two domains: executive functions and language. The Mig-SCog was developed to measure attack-related cognitive complaints in migraine attacks.
The assessment has good psychometric properties (internal consistency reliability and test–retest reliability). The Mig-SCog is is inexpensive and very simple to complete.
The nine questions of the Mig-SCog have three possible answers that indicate the absence of the symptom, the symptom occurring sometimes during headache attacks, and/or symptoms occurring often during headache attacks.
Questions asked on the Mig-SCog correspond to the following domains:
  • Questions 1-3 – executive functioning (attention, processing speed and orientation)
  • Questions 4-5 – planning and attention
  • Questions 6-7 – language (comprehension and speech production)
  • Questions 8-9 – ability to name
The total Mig-SCog score is computed by adding up the scores of the nine scale items.
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Document last updated July 2019