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Compulsive Eating Scale (CES)
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Supplemental: Parkinson's Disease (PD)
Short Description of Instrument
The Compulsive Eating Scale (CES) is a 32-item self-report questionnaire (Dunn & Ondercin, 1981; Ondercin, 1979) that measures the degree of compulsive eating. Items on the CES include "emotional states related to food and eating, as well as information with regard to weight, weight control, height, and eating binge" (Dunn & Ondercin, 1981).
Comments/Special Instructions
This scale was developed for college age women and its validity in PD is not established. It is recommended as Supplemental since there is not a PD-specific measure for compulsive eating. Potential confounds include questions about eating until uncomfortably full, which could be dysmotility or autonomic dysfunction of PD.
Scoring and Psychometric Properties
Scoring: Each item of the 16 discriminating items are scored on a scale of 1 to 5 A total score is calculated for each item. The scores range from 16 to 80. Items scored 1-5 with a max total of 80. The higher the score the higher degree of compulsive eating.
Psychometric Properties: Test-retest reliability of the CES is 0.96 based on an interval of approximately 4 weeks between test administrations (Dunn & Ondercin, 1981).
Strengths: The CES has high reliability on repeat administration.
Weaknesses: This scale is not validated in PD and shows potential confounding data by GI autonomic symptoms.
Key Reference:
Dunn PK, Ondercin P. Personality variables related to compulsive eating in college women. J Clin Psychol. 1981 Jan;37(1):43-9.
Additional Reference:
Ondercin P. Compulsive eating guide in college women. Journal of College Student Personnel. 1979 Mar;20(2):153-7.
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