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NINDS CDE Notice of Copyright
Swallowing Disturbance Questionnaire (SDQ)
This instrument is not currently available on the NINDS CDE website; however, copyright permission has been granted. Please visit this website for the instrument:
Supplemental: Parkinson's Disease (PD)
Exploratory: Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) - There are no references to support this measure in pediatrics; not recommended for youth < 18.
Short Description of Instrument
The Swallowing Disturbance Questionnaire (SDQ) is a 15-item scale that assesses swallowing in Parkinson's Disease and dysphagia.
It was originally developed as part of a study examining correlations between objective measures of dysphagia and symptoms of dysphagia.
Each question is scored on a 4-point categorical scale (0-4) with 0 meaning "Never" and 4 meaning "Very Frequently. More than 7 times a week").
Perez Lloret S, Piran Arce G, Rossi M, Caivano Nemet ML, Salsamendi P, Merello M. Validation of a new scale for the evaluation of sialorrhea in patients with Parkinson's disease. Movement Disorders. 2007;22(1):107-111.


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