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Perceived Manageability Scale (PMnac)
The Perceived Manageability Scale (PMnac) can be found in Appendix 1 in Kennedy et al., 2009.
Exploratory: Spinal Cord Injury (SCI)
*Note: Not recommended for SCI-Pediatric (normed for adults only)
Short Description of Instrument
The PMnac, a sub-scale of the Needs Assessment Checklist (NAC), is a five-item scale used to measure how often participants have certain beliefs about their injury (Kennedy and Hamilton, 1999; Link to original NAC in reference list).
The NAC has nine specific SCI rehabilitation domains, each with key indicators of independence and attainment: ADL (29 indicators); Skin Management (14 indicators); Bladder Management (10 indicators); Bowel Management (seven indicators); Mobility (17 indicators); Wheelchair and Equipment (33 indicators); Community Preparation (24 indicators); Discharge Coordination (32 indicators); and Psychological Issues (19 indicators) (Berry and Kennedy, 2003).
The perceived manageability subscale of the NAC consists of five following items:
    1. I believe that this situation is manageable
    2. I feel that I have learnt the skills to cope with most of the problems that have arisen from my injury/illness
    3. I believe that I am able to continue to take part in activities that I find enjoyable and rewarding
    4. I feel supported by the people around me
    5. I am motivated to engage in what happens around me

These items measure how often a participant has certain feelings or beliefs about their injury and/or situation on a 4-point scale.
Scale ranges from 1 to 4:
1 = "Not at all"
2 = "Sometimes"
3 = "Fairly often"
4 = "Almost always"
Comments/Special Instructions
The scale aims to measure the extent to which an individual believes their situation is manageable, indicated by higher scores, and is designed to be sensitive to change. This scale was shown to be psychometrically reliable with a Chronbach's alpha of 0.70 (Kennedy et al., 2009).
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