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Sollerman Hand Function Test
The description and dimension for the scale can be found at: Sollerman Test of  Hand Function Link
Exploratory: Spinal Cord Injury (SCI); not recommended for youth < 20.
Short Description of Instrument
Construct measured: Function, Activity
Generic vs. disease specific: Disease specific
Means of administration: Administered by a therapist
Intended respondent: Participant
# of items: 20
Comments/Special Instructions
Scoring: The scoring is on a 5-point scale where 0 represents "cannot perform at all" to 4 which represents "task is completed without difficulty and within 20 second timeframe." A total sum score can range between 0-80 which reflects the summed score of the items.
Background: This is a performance measure of 20 items that represent multiple grasp patterns needed for everyday activities. The test can be administered in sitting or while standing. Three subtasks are bilateral tasks and the remaining unilateral. The tasks are timed (20 seconds) and performance is observed for quality and completion.
SCI-Pediatric specific: There are no psychometric studies of the Sollerman Test of Hand Function (Sollerman& Ejeskar, 1995) in children. The only pediatric-related study was with young adults with pediatric onset of TBI (Ahlander et al., 2013).
The original intent of the Sollerman was for use with SCI; hence, the items are specific to tetraplegia hand and function. In SCI, inter-rater reliability is high (r=0.98). There is a strong correlation between the Sollerman and the International Classification for Surgery of the Hand in Tetraplegia (r=0.88) and the Motor Capacities Scale (r=-.96).
Sollerman C, Ejesk?r A. Sollerman hand function test. A standardised method and its use in tetraplegic patients. Scand J Plast Reconstr Surg Hand Surg. 1995;29(2):167-176.
Additional References:
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