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SCAN-A and SCAN-C Auditory Processing Disorders Subtests
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*The SCAN-A and SCAN-C are Subtests of the SCAN-3 Test for Auditory Processing Disorders*


Short Description of Instrument
The SCAN-A and SCAN-C test batteries contain auditory processing disorder tests normed for children and adults. The battery includes screening and diagnostic tests. The following tests are recommended:
Filtered Words Test
Auditory Figure-Ground Test
Competing Words Test
Competing Sentences Test

Normed scores


Keith RW: Development and standardization of SCAN-C test for auditory processing disorders in children - revised. J Am Acad Audiol 2000; 11:438-445. Keith RW: SCAN-A. Test for auditory processing disorders in adolescents and adults. San Antonio: Psychological Corporation, 1994.


Document last updated June 2019