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Test of Language Competence Extended (TLC-E)

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Supplemental: Acute Hospitalized, Concussion/Mild TBI, Epidemiology
Basic: Moderate/Severe TBI: Rehabilitation Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

Short Description of Instrument
A revision of the Test of Language Competence-Expanded (TLC-E), the Clinical Evaluation of Language Fundamentals®, Fifth Edition Metalinguistics (CELF®-5 Metalinguistics) assessment includes four tests of higher-level language skills.
Designed for students aged 9–21 years the CELF®-5 Metalinguistics is used to indentify students who have not acquired the expected levels of metalinguistic ability for their age.
The four tests that can be either administered individually or as a battery to obtain information regarding an individual's language skills include:
?     Making Inferences
?     Conversation Skills
?     Multiple Meanings
?   Figurative Language
Administration time: 45 minutes

Total scaled scores are given for Metalinguistics Profile, Making Inferences, Conversation Skills, Multiple Meanings and Figurative Language. Index scores are given for Total Metalinguistics Index and Meta-Pragmatics and Meta-Semantics Index.

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