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Pediatric Migraine Disability Assessment Questionnaire (PedMIDAS)
Supplemental Highly Recommended: Headache (specific for migraine and should be used as an outcome measure for pediatric preventative studies.)
Short Description of Instrument
The Pediatric Migraine Disability Assessment Questionnaire (PedMIDAS) is a 6-question form that is designed to assess migraine disability for pediatric and adolescent aged patients.
This test is similar to the MIDAS and has been tested and verified for ages 4–18. A limitation of this instrument is that it requires recall over previous 3 months.
The score is a composite of the six questions with the lower scores indicating limited to no disability and the higher scores representing moderate to severe disability.
Hershey AD, Powers SW, Vockell AL, LeCates S, Kabbouche MA, Maynard MK. PedMIDAS: development of a questionnaire to assess disability of migraines in children. Neurology. 2001;57(11):2034-2039.
Powers SW, Coffey CS, Chamberlin LA, Ecklund DJ, Klingner EA, Yankey JW, Korbee LL, Porter LL, Hershey AD; CHAMP Investigators. Trial of Amitriptyline, Topiramate, and Placebo for Pediatric Migraine. N Engl J Med.


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