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Migraine Disability Assessment Test (MIDAS)

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Short Description of Instrument

The Migraine Disability Assessment Questionnaire (MIDAS) was developed to assess headache-related disabilities with a special focus on improving migraine care. The Questionnaire is self-administered and Headache sufferers answer 5 questions related to the last 3 months, indicating the number of days in which they have been limited in everyday life by migraines.

The numbers of days answered for each of the five questions are added together for a total score.

Stewart WF, Lipton RB, Dowson AJ, Sawyer J. Development and testing of the Migraine Disability Assessment (MIDAS) Questionnaire to assess headache- related disability. Neurology. 2001; 56 (6Supp1) S20-8.
Stewart WF, Lipton RB, Kolodner KB, Sawyer J, Lee C, Liberman JN. Validity of the Migraine Disability Assessment (MIDAS) score in comparison to a diary- based measure in a population sample of migraine sufferers. Pain. 2000 Oct; 88 (1) 41-52.


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