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VA Toxicity Scale
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Supplemental for Epilepsy
Short Description of Instrument
Purpose: Consists of two sections which focus on systemic and neuro toxicity
Comment: Validation was not published when the scale was initially developed. Inter-rater reliability and kappa statistics were conducted. Intended for use before and after an intervention to assess the impact of that intervention.
Time Estimate: 5 minutes

Scoring is based on frequency and severity of each item, as shown. Assessments are based on patient reports elicited by the physician-examiner, and some by examination.

Cramer JA, Smith DB, Mattson RH, Delgado Escueta AV, Collins JF. A method of quantification for the evaluation of antiepileptic drug therapy. Neurology. 1983;33(3 Suppl 1):26-37.
Cramer JA, Steinborn B, Striano P, Hlinkova L, Bergmann A, Bacos I, Baukens C, Buyle S. Non-interventional surveillance study of adverse events in patients with epilepsy. Acta Neurol Scand. 2011;124(1):13-21.


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