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Sialorrhea Clinical Scale for Parkinson's Disease (SCS-PD)
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Short Description of Instrument
The Sialorrhea Clinical Scale for Parkinson's Disease (SCS-PD) is a patient-reported questionnaire, initially written and reported in Spanish, that assesses drooling severity and frequency as well as social and functional impairment from drooling. It was developed in 2007, specifically for patients with Parkinson's disease, to address the lack of validated tools for sialorrhea in PD and with the hope of having a scale that would detect dysphagia before aspiration pneumonia occurred.
Scoring and Psychometric Properties
Scoring: The SCS-PD consists of 7 items that are scored from 0-3 for a maximum score of 21.
Psychometric Properties: The SCS-PD has undergone formal validation, but in the validation study several clinimetric properties were not assessed. Rating scale correlation with saliva production was investigated, both in Parkinson's disease patients and in healthy control subjects.
Strengths: The SCS-PD is relatively short and easy to administer. It was specifically designed for patients with Parkinson's disease.
Weaknesses: The SCS-PD validation study was performed on a small sample size and some important clinimetric properties were not addressed. Test-retest reliability analysis was not carried out.
Key Reference:
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Additional References:
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Document last updated August 2022